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Expanding the capability of the orchestration platform by partnering with complementary expertise to enhance and empower in more transition use cases.

“In today’s climate of more remote and home working, our combined solution enables organizations to quickly transition their end users to a solution where they can easily access their applications and data without having to invest in additional back-end infrastructure.”

Peter von Oven, founder and CEO, Droplet Computing.

Droplet Computing develops innovative software solutions based on patent-pending container technology that enables fully featured applications to run on multiple device platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux – even if the operating system on your device does not normally support those applications. What makes Droplet Computing container technology different from other containers is that it does not require you to be connected to the Cloud to run your applications.

Your applications run locally on your device online as well as offline. Droplet Computing solutions enable you to focus on being productive on the device of your choice without any loss of features, functionality, or familiarity. www.dropletcomputing.com

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