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Raconteur - Cloud For Business

Coca-Cola European Partners build a single digital workforce

Flexibility is the key to adapting in a disruptive business environment and CCEP, the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, is leading the way with a digital, mobile workforce…

Business Reporter

Transform your digital workplace to support remote working.

Supporting remote working is not about installing a quick fix. With Cloud everything changes, whether it be about moving from the desktops to mobile tablets, going beyond the confines of offices…


New world: enjoy powerful workplace solutions wherever you are working.

Velocity migrations of both desktops and mobile devices approaching 400 users per day are being achieved, enabling a widely dispersed set of thousands of users to work from home in a few weeks.

The Times / Raconteur

Boutique beats big in the digital workplace.

Enterprises are racing to embrace the digital workplace, but the traditional route of engaging large IT consultancies is not driving the transformation needed to get there…